Power-Based Violence

This Uniform Policy on Power-Based Violence promulgated pursuant to Act 472 of the 2021 Regular Legislative Session of the Louisiana Legislature, sets forth processes and procedures to guide public postsecondary education stakeholders in maintaining safety and protection for students and employees. Power-based violence is defined as any form of interpersonal violence intended to control or intimidate another person through the assertion of power over the person. It includes but is more expansive than sexual misconduct and Title IX misconduct.

Act 472 directs the Board of Regents to establish uniform policies and best practices to implement measures to address the reporting of power-based violence on Institutions’ campuses, the prevention of such violence, communication between Institutions regarding incidents of power-based violence, and the provision of medical and mental health care for these alleged victims.

Upon the effective date of this Policy, all institutions shall immediately begin complying with this Policy as well as the institutional policy, once adopted, under the supervision and control of their Management Boards.

Power-Based Violence Training Materials

Reporting Power-Based Violence: What Employees Need to Know

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  • Presentations and Slides

    Title IX and Sexual Harassment: Federal Requirements and the Louisiana Template
    Video | Presentation Slides

    Beyond Title IX: Power-Based Violence, State Requirements, and Creating a Safe Campus Culture
    Video | Presentation Slides

    TRACK A: The Role of Title IX Coordinators and Investigators for Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, Campus Police, Confidential Advisors
    Video | Presentation Slides

    TRACK B: The Role of Decision-makers in Sexual Misconduct Complaints for Chancellors, Counsels, Decision-makers, Athletics Representatives
    Video | Presentation Slides

    Power-Based Violence Training for Confidential Advisors
    Those who will be designated as confidential advisors must (a) view this webinar, (b) the four (4) videos above, and (c) complete the attestation form below.
    Video | Presentation Slides | Attestation Form

The Master Plan

To move Louisiana aggressively forward, the Board of Regents has embraced a robust new attainment goal that calls for 60% of all working-age adults (ages 25-64) in Louisiana to hold a degree or high-value credential by 2030. As we stand on the brink of a new decade, this Master Plan, born of the Board of Regents’ unique charge to guide postsecondary education across the state, will set the foundation to increase opportunity.  Our Talent Imperative is to Educate, Innovate, and Collaborate.

Master Plan for Higher Education