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Assessment and Certification of Faculty English Proficiency


Pursuant to fulfillment of mandates of Act 745 of the 1991 Louisiana Legislature, the Louisiana Board of Regents does hereby establish the following policy for all public postsecondary systems and campuses:


1. "Postsecondary Systems and Institutions" (hereinafter referred to as "systems" and institutions") shall mean: the Louisiana State University System and its member institutions; the Southern University System and its member institutions; the University of Louisiana System and its member institutions; and the Louisiana Community and Technical College System and its member institutions, as defined by state law.

2. "Faculty" shall mean all full-time and part-time instructional personnel (excepting visiting faculty, but including graduate assistants) employed by affected systems and institutions and who teach undergraduate-level courses.

3. "Instruction(al)" shall mean the delivery of pedagogical content required of course fulfillment, not including: foreign language courses designed to be taught primarily in a foreign language; student participatory/activity courses such as clinics, studios, seminars, and/or laboratories; special arrangement courses such as individualized instruction and/or independent study; and non-credit (i.e. continuing education) courses.


1. Prior to employment of new instructional faculty (as defined above), each affected system/institution shall assess and certify faculty English proficiency.

2. The method of assessment shall be at the discretion of affected systems/ institutions, but may include (although not limited to): written and oral English testing using standardized, recognized measurements graded by appropriate assessors; analysis of written examples with a related oral question/answer session with an appropriate audience of assessors; sample classroom instruction with related exchange involving an appropriate audience of assessors; sample research presentation with related exchange with an appropriate audience of assessors, etc. It is again up to the discretion of the affected system/institutions to decide the position and qualifications of assessors, but should include an appropriate mix of administrators, faculty, and/or students.

3. Annually, in a manner and format prescribed and on a date certain, affected institutions shall submit to their associated system relevant materials certifying English proficiency of all new instructional faculty members. These materials shall be submitted in a fashion that ensures the maintenance, availability, and preservation of such materials as required by state law.

4. Affected systems shall develop and promulgate necessary, permanent, system-wide directives to their affected institutions ensuring submission of required materials in fulfillment of policy mandates. Based on these materials, each affected system shall make sure that each associated institution is fully policy compliant. Materials related to the requirements/fulfillment of this policy shall be maintained, made available, and preserved as required by state law.

5. Annual statements of policy compliance shall be required from each system office. These statements shall be forwarded to the Deputy or Associate Commissioner for Academic Affairs and Research by September 1 of each year. At any time, the Louisiana Board of Regents may require any and all affected systems/institutions to submit relevant materials and /or documentation related to fulfillment of mandates of this policy. If the Regents determine that any system/institution is not in full policy compliance, it may insist on necessary remediating action and/or impose a penalty as deemed appropriate.