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Teacher Preparation Education


The Board of Regents recognizes as a primary responsibility of Louisiana’s higher education system the preparation of high quality teachers for the State’s elementary and secondary schools.  As the needs of society are ever-changing, so must teacher preparation programs respond quickly to meet those needs.  To that end, the Regents are committed to long-term improvements to and monitoring of teacher preparation programs. 

Accordingly, the Regents shall annually issue Guidelines for Teacher Preparation Programs that mandate/recommend specific actions at state colleges and universities designed to assure that teacher preparation remains at the forefront of institutional concerns (see Guidelines, 2017).  Since teacher preparation is the responsibility of the entire college/university, not just the education program unit, these Guidelines shall consider issues which pertain to the college/university at large.  As such, the degree to which individual colleges and universities respond appropriately to these Guidelines shall become a relevant factor in decisions of the Regents to maintain existing programs and/or approve proposed new programs in teacher preparation and closely related discipline areas.