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What Does the Board of Regents Do?
The Board of Regents believes that a robust public postsecondary education system is critical in order to enhance Louisiana’s social and economic environment.  Through statewide academic planning and review, budgeting and performance funding, research, and accountability, Regents coordinates the efforts of the state’s 34 public colleges, universities and professional schools. Regents also serves as the state liaison to Louisiana’s accredited, independent institutions of higher learning.  While not involved in overseeing the day-to-day operations of college campuses, Regents is responsible for setting important statewide standards including minimum admissions requirements as well as benchmarks and targets for the GRAD Act–Louisiana’s signature higher education reform policy. The Board of Regents represents the public higher education community before all branches of government and the public and maintains close contact with student interests through the Council of Student Body Presidents.





Need Louisiana higher education facts? Access university data or the Fact Book here.

Through the development and promotion of the Louisiana Transfer degree, a robust articulation and transfer system is now in place.

Graduation Rates are increasing overall.

Louisiana higher education fall enrollment has increased by 16,167 students since 2008.


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