Louisiana Postsecondary Education Review Commission

Final Report

Final Recommendations

Board of Regents Responses

According to the National Governor’s Association’s Center for Best Practices, “Colleges and universities have never been as important as they are today. Economic competitiveness depends upon a state’s ability to educate and train its citizens and attract and retain talent.”
Louisiana’s ability to compete in the expanding knowledge-based economy in which we live demands that Louisiana more efficiently and effectively educate larger numbers of its citizens.

The Board of Regents, in formulating its most recent strategic plan for public postsecondary education in Louisiana, established two overarching goals:

To increase the educational attainment of the state’s population in support of the state’s current and future workforce.
To invest strategically in university research to diversify and strengthen the state’s economy.


The 2009 Louisiana Legislature, with strong support from Governor Jindal, passed legislation sponsored by House Speaker Jim Tucker (Act 309) creating a Commission to study the governance, facilities, funding, operations and number and alignment of degree programs at Louisiana public colleges and to provide a written report of findings and recommendations.

The charge to this Commission, therefore, is:

  • To review and analyze Louisiana’s educational needs, relevant data, current policies and practices, structure, and funding mechanisms; and
  • In the context of the state’s financial challenges, recommend to the Board of Regents and the legislature the most efficient and effective ways for the state to meet its goal of providing citizens with the educational attainment necessary to meet the critical needs of our state and regions.





Need Louisiana higher education facts? Access university data or the Fact Book here.

Through the development and promotion of the Louisiana Transfer degree, a robust articulation and transfer system is now in place.

Graduation Rates are increasing overall.

Louisiana higher education fall enrollment has increased by 16,167 students since 2008.


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